It is hereby found that in order to protect and promote the public health, morale, convenience, safety and welfare, to preserve the appropriate character of each area within the city, it is necessary to provide for the regulation, permits and fees for the locations of mobile homes within the city.

(Ord. 784, Sec. 1)

For the purpose of this article, the following rules and regulations shall be applied: Words used in the present tense shall include the future; the singular number shall include the plural and the plural shall include the singular, and the word shall is mandatory and permissive. The following specific terms and words shall have the following meaning:

(a)      Mobile Home. - Shall mean all vehicles used, or so constructed as a permit being used as conveyances upon the public streets or highways and duly licensable as such, and constructed in such a manner as will permit occupancy thereof for human habitation, dwelling or sleeping places for one or more persons; provided that this definition shall refer and include for all portable contrivances used or intended to be used generally for living and sleeping quarters and which is capable of being moved by its own power, towed or transported by another vehicle.

(b)     Inspector. - Shall mean the zoning and codes administrator or its authorized representative.

(c)      Permittee. - Shall mean any person to whom a permit is issued for a mobile home, or a temporary permit is issued in accordance with the provisions of this article as hereinafter described.

(d)     Person. - Shall mean any natural individual, firm, trust, partnership, association, or corporation, whether tenant, owner, lessee, licensee, permittee, agent, heirs or assigns.

(Ord. 784, Sec. 2)

(a)      It shall be unlawful for any person to park, place or abandon any mobile home upon any street, alley, highway or any public place or upon any premises, tract of land located within the corporate limits of the city, and which is situated outside a licensed mobile home park without first having secured a temporary permit as herein provided.

(b)     The parking of one visiting mobile home in an accessory private garage building, or in a private driveway, or in the side or rear yard of any premises for a period of not to exceed 30 days shall be permitted; provided, that the temporary permit for such shall not be renewed or another permit issued for such mobile home at the same location within the calendar year that such temporary permit was issued.

(c)      This section shall not apply to the following:

(1)          The emergency or temporary stopping or parking for 24 hours and subject to any other limitations that may be imposed by other ordinances of the city relative to parking.

(2)          Unoccupied mobile homes for demonstration and sales purposes only may be located within any district permitted by the zoning ordinances for such.

(3)          The storage of any unoccupied or uninhabited mobile homes within the corporate limits of the city shall be permitted in the side or rear yard of any premises; provided that such storage is not in conflict with any other sections of this article, the zoning regulations or other pertinent ordinances of the city. All existing mobile homes of a permanent or semi-permanent nature located outside of a licensed mobile home park shall secure a mobile home occupant permit as herein provided within 60 days after April 14, 1988. The lawful use of land existing on April 14, 1988, although such use does not conform to the provisions hereof, may be continued, but if such non-conforming use is discontinued, any further use of such premises shall be in conformity with the provisions of this article.

(Ord. 784, Sec. 3)

(a)      The annual license fee for each existing mobile home of a permanent or semi-permanent nature outside of a licensed mobile home park as provided hereinabove shall be $10.00.

(b)     The cost of a temporary permit for each single mobile home as provided hereinabove shall be $10.00.

(c)      All license fees, except temporary permit fees, shall be for the calendar year, shall not be prorated, and shall expire on December 31 of each year.

(Ord. 784, Sec. 4)

(a)      The application for a temporary permit and for individual mobile homes shall be in writing on forms provided by the city and shall include the following:

(1)          The name and address of the applicant.

(2)          The location and legal description of the property or area on which the mobile home is parked or is to be parked temporarily.

(3)          The dates that the mobile home will be temporarily parked.

(4)          The license number of the mobile home.

(5)          Certification by the occupant, owner or tenant of a temporarily parked mobile home, that all plumbing fixtures may be sealed by the inspector or his or her representative. In the event that such plumbing is sealed, the owner or occupant of such mobile home shall not permit such seal to be broken except by the direction of the inspector or his or her representative.

(6)          The signature of the applicant.

(b)     All applications for temporary permits of mobile homes as herein provided shall be approved by the inspector or his or her representative. Upon certification by the inspector that all temporary permits are in compliance with the provisions of this article, then the office of the city clerk shall issue the city permit upon payment of the fee as hereinbefore provided.

(Ord. 784, Sec. 5)

After April 14, 1988, any mobile home which is presently located on permanent or semipermanent basis outside licensed mobile home parks shall be construed as a permanent structure and subject to all the requirements of the building, plumbing, electrical, gas, fire prevention and sanitary code, and the zoning ordinance of the city. Upon application in writing by a licensee for renewal, and after re-inspection by the inspector of the existing mobile home for conformance with the regulations of this article, and upon the payment of the annual license fee, the city clerk shall issue a certificate renewing such license for another calendar year.

(Ord. 784, Sec. 6)

(a)      Any person who shall neglect or refuse to comply with or shall violate or attempt to violate any of the provisions of this article or any amendments or additions thereto, whether as owner, agent, officer, employee, tenant, occupant, lessee, or any other person who shall permit or take part in, or assist in, such violation or attempted violation shall be deemed guilty of a code violation, constituting a separate offense for each and every day, or portion thereof, during which such violation is committed, continued, permitted or attempted, and upon conviction thereof, shall be punished by a fine of not more than $100.00.

(b)     The imposition of the penalties herein prescribed shall not preclude the city, or any other interested person from instituting injunction, mandamus or other appropriate action or proceeding authorized by law to prevent, correct or abate such violation.

(Ord. 784, Sec. 7)