It shall be the duty of the owner and of the occupant of any lots abutting upon any sidewalks to cause to be removed from such sidewalks all snow and ice within 12 hours from the time that the snow fall or ice storm ceases. If the snow falls or ice accumulates upon the sidewalks in the nighttime, removal of same must be made within 12 hours after sunrise on the following day.

(Code 1971, 13-401; Code 1985)

Where there shall be ice or compacted snow on any such sidewalk of such a character as to make it practically impossible to remove the same, the sprinkling of ashes, sand or other noncorrosive chemicals on the accumulation of ice or snow in such a manner as to make such sidewalk reasonably safe for pedestrian travel shall be deemed a sufficient compliance with the provisions of this article until the ice or snow can be removed.

(Code 1971, 13-401; Code 1985)

That any person violating the provisions of section 13-401 shall, upon conviction, be fined in any sum not more than $25.00.

(Code 1971, 13-403; Code 1985)

If any owner or occupant of any lot or lots shall refuse or neglect to clean or remove from the sidewalk abutting the lot or lots, all snow and ice within the time specified the city may cause such snow and ice to be removed from sidewalks and the cost thereof shall be assessed against such abutting lot or lots the city clerk shall certify the same to the county clerk for collection as provided by law.

(Code 1971, 13-402; Code 1985)

The city clerk shall, at the time of certifying other city taxes to the county clerk, certify the unpaid costs for removal of snow or ice performed under the authority of section 13-404 and the county clerk shall extend the same on the tax roll of the county against the lot or parcel of ground. The cost of such work shall be paid from the general fund or other proper fund of the city, and such fund shall be reimbursed when payments therefor are received or when such assessments are collected and received by the city.

(Code 1985)